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How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

September 14, 2023
How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Professional teeth whitening can help you safely brighten and rejuvenate your teeth in just one office visit. Typically, professional teeth whitening lasts approximately one to three years if you take good care of your smile.

Why Teeth Turn Yellow

Teeth naturally turn yellow as people age. This process happens because the enamel, the outermost layer of the tooth, thins over time, and the yellow layer underneath (the dentin) shows through. Younger people can also experience stained teeth due to oral hygiene, smoking, and drinking staining beverages like coffee, cola, and red wine.

Advantages of Professional Whitening

Quick and Effective

We can lighten your teeth by several shades using our in-office process. In most cases, in-office whitening takes only one visit. You will receive a more subtle but equally effective whitening effect at home in a few weeks.


Whitening under a dentist's supervision is much safer than using products bought online or in stores. Over-the-counter whitening strips can cause excessive tooth sensitivity. Strong whitening gels, when used without supervision, can burn the gums or cause irreversible gum recession.


Professional teeth whitening can last for up to three years. Contrast this with the effects of home whitening strips, which you must use every few months to maintain your look.

Whitening Your Teeth in The Office

In-office teeth whitening is a simple process. The dentist uses rubber to protect your gums from the strong carbamide peroxide solution. They carefully apply the gel to your teeth and then activate it with a special light.

Professionally Whitening Your Teeth at Home

We will make you a custom whitening tray that holds a prescribed amount of peroxide gel. You will wear this tray, as recommended, for a few hours each day, for up to four weeks at a time.

Ensuring Your Smile Stays Bright

To keep your professionally whitened teeth looking their best for years, ensure you care for them. Follow your dentist's recommendations to keep your teeth bright. These recommendations may include the following:

Brush Well At Least Twice Daily

Brushing your teeth at least twice daily is the minimum when you have professionally whitened teeth. Ideally, brush your teeth whenever you eat or drink, especially if you have a staining food or beverage.

Floss Daily

Flossing helps remove the plaque and food particles between your teeth, eliminating deposits that can attract stains.

Keep All Dental Appointments

Professional cleaning once every six months will help keep your teeth looking their best.

Enjoy Your Bright Smile

When you whiten your teeth, you will immediately notice the positive attention you receive. You will feel more like smiling and showing off your teeth, leading to a more positive public image. 

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