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Our Philosophy

All who enter our practice will be treated with dignity and respect.

Each person will be treated as an individual, with their own goals and desires.

We believe that, when given good information and the right support in a nurturing environment, people will make choices that have a positive effect on their dental health.

We believe that health is of infinite value.

Each individual deserves to know:

  • the state of their oral health
  • the choices for treating those conditions
  • the consequences of those choices
  • the cost of treatment prior to beginning
  • that our teeth are meant to last a lifetime (much more than a lifetime, actually)
  • that, in general, all dental disease is preventable
  • that it is better to prevent than to treat a problem
  • that it is better to treat the cause and not just the symptoms of a problem
  • the longer dental disease is allowed to advance, the larger the intervention needed to solve the problem
  • that the health of the mouth affects the overall health of the body
  • that we are responsible for our own health
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