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Schaus Dental Studio provides BioRejuvenation in Golden Valley, Minnesota. To learn more, call 763-525-0306 today to schedule an appointment.

What is BioRejuvenation?

BioRejuvenation is a comprehensive, holistic and biologic process where the TMJ’s are stabilized, the muscles used in chewing are relaxed and the teeth are restored to natural form and function. The primary focus of this innovative treatment is to promote proper bite alignment when you chew using a combination of TMJ treatments, restorative dental procedures (many times using minimally invasive methods) and potentially orthodontics.

Benefits of BioRejuvenation

BioRejuvenation offers a variety of benefits: 

  • Relieve TMJ symptoms. If you have pain or limited motion in your jaw, BioRejuvenation can relieve the symptoms of TMJ disorder and restore proper bite alignment. 
  • Eliminate head/neck muscle pain and headaches. If you have tightness/soreness in your head/neck area or headaches 
  • Restore dental health. BioRejuvenation involves repairing damage done to the teeth or replacing teeth that can’t be saved. Restoring dental health helps the teeth to meet together properly when chewing, allowing the bite force to be evenly distributed across the teeth. 
  • Prevent damage to the TMJ’s and teeth. If the teeth don’t meet together properly when you chew, the excessive biting forces can cause wear and fracturing of the teeth and breakdown in the joints. BioRejuvenation starts by addressing the foundational causes and corrects this, preventing unnecessary damage to your teeth. 
  • Improve your smile. Restoring teeth back to their optimal form gives you a natural smile that you can feel confident about. 
  • Natural and minimally-invasive. BioRejuvenation uses biologic, minimially-invasive techniques that are effective and relieve the stress on your teeth and jaw. 

Are You a Good Candidate for BioRejuvenation?

There are many different characteristics that make someone an ideal candidate for BioRejuvenation. If you experience pain in your teeth, jaw, or face from the effects of chewing or grinding your teeth, or if your bite is misaligned when your teeth meet, BioRejuvenation could correct these problems. If you want natural dental care that is biocompatible with your body, allowing you to experience better dental health without complex, invasive procedures, consider BioRejuvenation.

BioRejuvenation Cases at Schaus Dental Studio

Both these restoration cases were completed without any tooth reduction and no anesthetic was used. They were completed using minimally invasive bonding techniques to restore optimal form and function after stabilization of the TMJ’s.

Both patients had significant wear and were quite symptomatic prior to treatment. Patient M had frequent migraine headaches and constant tension in her masseter muscles. Patient P had chronic neck tightness and tension in his masseter muscles. All of these symptoms were completely resolved after TMJ stabilization, continued after restoration and are still resolved to this day.

Patient R - Before (above) and After (below)
RP before extraoralRP after extraoral
RP Mx Occlusal beforeRP Mx Occlusal after
RP Mn Occlusal beforeRP Mn Occlusal after
RP before intraoralRP after intraoral
Patient M - Before (above) and After (below)
M before
M intraoral afterM intraoral before
M mx occlusal beforeM mx occlusal after
Marie After

Why Choose Schaus Dental Studio?

Very few dental practices offer BioRejuvenation, but Schaus Dental Studio believes that it is our job to provide you with the most current dental care options available. Dr. Schaus has a passion for seeking out the big picture when looking at a patient’s symptoms. He has gone through extensive training which allows him to look at your oral and systemic health with a different set of eyes than most dentists. Our innovative practices allow you to experience enhanced dental health without going through painful and invasive procedures. Dr. Schaus and his team all believe in approaching each patient this way as it has proven to be successful with many of our current patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How new is BioRejuvenation?

The basic concepts of BioRejuvenation have been around since the 1980s, but recent updates in diagnosis, techniques and materials now allow us to offer a minimally invasive approach while addressing systemic health.  You can rest assured that we will thoroughly discuss if BioRejuvenation could be right for you.

What’s the difference between BioRejuvenation and Cosmetic Dentistry?

The primary purpose of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of the teeth. This typically puts esthetics first and function second (if function is addressed at all). However, dysfunction in the chewing system is what often causes the wear, broken and discolored teeth that leads people to seek out cosmetic dentistry. If the function is not optimized, it’s only a matter of time before the dentistry will fail. The purpose of BioRejuvenation is to improve the health and function of the entire chewing system which leads to better dental and overall health (which always improves esthetics as well). 

What dental treatments and procedures are used in BioRejuvenation?

BioRejuvenation dentistry is a phased, systems based method of treatment that begins with a comprehensive look at the function (or lack thereof) of the chewing system. The next step is to stabilize the TMJ’s, which leads to a diagnosis and discussion of what treatments would be indicated. Some of the common treatments that could be incorporated are restorative dentistry (such as bonding, crowns, dental implants) and sometimes orthodontic treatment.

To learn more about BioRejuvenation, call 763-525-0306 today to schedule a consultation.

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