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Many know the phrase that ‘you are what you eat,’ but did you know that your oral health can affect the rest of your body? Many studies have shown that good oral hygiene not only leaves you with a brighter smile, but decreases the risk of bodily diseases. With a healthier mouth, you can live a healthier life.


So what is Biologic Dentistry? Biologic dentistry takes a comprehensive approach to your health, looking for ways to improve your general health by treating issues in your mouth. Treatments are focused on prevention and natural cures, and doing our best to provide alternatives to dental treatments that can lead to long term health issues or side effects.


To help you understand Biological Dentistry better, here are a few key benefits that come with Biologic Dental Treatment:


Benefit #1: Mercury Free and Mercury Safe Treatment

One of the main focuses of biologic treatment is to get rid of as much mercury as possible from your system. For over 150 years, mercury was one of the main materials used to make silver or amalgam fillings. This allowed fillings to be affordable for the average patient, but has been suggested by the FDA to be a health risk. In fact, the FDA now advises many patients to avoid silver or amalgam fillings and to seek alternative treatment or filling options.


Biologic dentistry is a mercury-free and mercury-safe treatment. We do not use mercury based fillings, and can help patients safely remove the mercury fillings from their mouth. By following SMART certified dental treatment, or Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Techniques, we can lower the risk of mercury poisoning in patients who are concerned about their current fillings.


Benefit #2: Dental Disease Prevention

One of the main focuses of biologic dentistry is to take proper steps to prevent diseases and treat them at the source rather than just deal with the symptoms as they arise. While we primarily focus on dental treatment, we do take other health concerns and issues in your body into consideration. 


A biological dentist will discuss how your mouth and body are connected to one another. With proper oral hygiene and biologic treatments, you can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more. You can even reduce the risk of cancer, especially if you listen to the counseling of your biologic dentist.

Benefit #3: Health Journey Counseling

Oral hygiene is more than just a bright smile maintained by brushing and flossing. What you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, and the many other things you do in the day will all have an impact on both your body and your mouth. A biologic dentist will provide suggestions to you in order to have a happier, brighter smile and a healthier overall life.


Whether you apply the suggestions made by your biologic dentist is up to you. Biologic dentistry treatment believes that patients have the responsibility to make their own choices. While biologic dentists have an obligation to give their opinion on how to live a more healthy lifestyle, they won’t follow you around all day or nag you until you’re forced to do what they say. They can act as guides, but the patient ultimately decides the path of their health journey.


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